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Guide to Choose Modern Glass Oval Coffee Table

Glass oval coffee table is a good choice if you need a table with extended length and minimize the table’s width to complete the curved edges. Meanwhile, you can get more advantages from the transparent glass top. The transparent glass top will create minimalist statement and doesn’t make the room too full of the coffee table. The oval shape of the table is ideal for those who need coffee table with softer edges rather than a rectangular table. So it is safer for the children and pets as well as providing more length to accommodate the guests. Some tips below may guide you to choose the right oval coffee table with glass top.   
Glass Oval Coffee Table with Wood Base
Glass oval coffee table with wood base is one of the most common choices available in most furniture stores. The wood of the table base is also available in various options of design. To get the modern look, you need to choose wood table base in sleek, minimalist and clean design. For example, an oval coffee table with glass top and spider feet-look base. The wood base is made from some slim woods shaped and arranged like spider feet. Otherwise, the wood table base can also be made into other shapes that makes the glass table looks modern.    
Glass Oval Coffee Table with Metal Base
Metal base is also the most common characteristic had by modern coffee table, including the oval one. The shiny metal gives the sleek and modern look to the coffee table. The oval table with metal base is available in kinds of modern shape and finishing. The metal base will appear clearly from the above of the table because of the transparent glass top and the shiny base will make the table increasingly sleek and modern. There are some more options of table base that are commonly applied for the glass oval coffee table including pebble stone, driftwood, ceramics, etc.